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Im really struggling with these proving identities problems can somebody please show me how to do these? I'm only aloud to manipulate one side of the equation and it has to equal the other side of the equation at the end

Problem 1. (1-tanx) = (cosx-sinx)/cosx

Problem 2. (secx+tanx)/(cscx-cotx) - (secx-tanx)/(cscx+cotx) = 2(secx+cscx)

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    a. multipy the left side by cos/cos, you get

    b. on the left, get a common denominator
    then combine both terms into one fraction. It reduces rapidaly. If you get stuck convert all terms to sin, cos)

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    Thanks! I feel stupid now that I didn't see that before, but I appreciate your help

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    A pizza restaurant sold 275 veggie pizzas. It sold 71 more pepperoni pizzas than veggie pizzas. If each pizza cost $9,how much did the restaurant earn?

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