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Chem Ideal Gas Law

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A 1.05 g sample of an ideal gas occupies 1.045 L at 20.0°C and 0.975 atm. What will be its volume at -8.6°C and 0.5 atm?
I used PV=nRT for this. substituted P for 0.5 then n for 1.05, R .0821 then T for 264.4 K

After doing this I got .0219 but it is incorrect, what am I doing wrong?

  • Chem Ideal Gas Law -

    N is not 1.05, that is the mass in grams.

    do this:

    PV/T=nR for ideal gasses, nR is a constant.
    At the second conditions,
    PV/T=nR Hmmm. One is lead immediatlely to the combined gas law

    solve for V2

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