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Homework Help: US HISTORY I

Posted by Samantha on Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at 8:32pm.

A New World to the American Revolution

Directions: IDENTIFY and give the SIGNIFICANCE of 5 of the 7 terms below. (Caveat! Be thorough! An IDENTIFICATION should answer the four criteria 1.What? 2.Where? 3.When? and 4.Results?, while the SIGNIFICANCE should state Why?)

Example: 1. Pequot War. IDENTIFICATION: The Pequot tribe was seen as a threat to Puritans because the Pequot controlled southern New England trade. To push the Indians aside, Connecticut and Massachusetts soldiers allied with the Narragansett tribe to set the main Pequot fortified village at Mystic ablaze. This resulted in a massacre of 500 Pequot lives in 1637 at Mystic, CT. SIGNIFICANCE: The Pequot War set the precedence of policy for taking Indian lands by the puritans and Americans. It set the stage for the future treatment of Indians by Americans and Puritans all the way into the 1890's to the Battle at Wounded Knee.

Choose 5 of the terms below:
2. The Columbian Exchange
3. The Jumonville Incident
4. Fort William Henry
5. Northwest Ordinances
6. The Proclamation of 1763
7. Great Awakening
8. Salem Witchcraft Trial

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