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Create a Halloween story by filling in the blanks with adjectives. Remember adjectives are words that describe or tell about nouns. The words in () is my adjective answer I used. You Cannot use an adjective more than once

The ____(full) moon was shining down on the _____,(old _____(spooky) house. Its ____(creaky) gate,______(broken) fence and _____(dark) windows made it look like a ____(haunted) home. The ___(tall) building was sagging and the ___(bright) roof had several ____(small) holes in it. Through the ___(wide) windows you could see ______(shattered) furniture and ______(ripped) curtains. In one _____(squished) corner a _____(gray) spider built a ____(white),_____(sticky web. There were _____(dirty) carpets on the ____(slippery) floor and a ____(clear) lampshade covered a _______(flickering) light bulb. ______(clean) napkins still remained at places around a _____(smashed), _____(dinner) table. ____(rusty) chairs were pushed back from the table as if someone had just finished a ____(large) meal. Suddenly a ___(cold) breeze rustled through the ___(Filled) room. ____(loud) noises came from the ____(swaying) curtains moving in the _____(Swinging) breeze. The spiders ____(big) web swayed and the ____(ssqueaky) hinges on the ____(breaking) shutters creaked and groaned. A _____(Flashing) bolt of lightning screeched through the ____(eery) night, hit the ___(giant) house and set it on fire. The ____(rising) flames illuminated the ____(whole) countryside for miles around. In a matter of minutes the ___(Flaming) house burned to the ground

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