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Posted by Jman on Monday, October 29, 2012 at 1:26pm.

Wishing Well by Kate Schmitt

The mesh of the blanket tangles
and lumps of comforter
two-toned flannel and bedspread
twist and slip.

I haven't slept in a week
so i wear my brown hooded
sweatshirt with the hoodstrings
pulled tight around my face.

I picture a wishing well
with edges of greening minerals
and coins dull with old water.
I throw my wish in a copper arc.

After I've thrown it I lie
unconcerned. These things take time.

2. What is the complete subject in the following sentence?

The book under the table is covered in dust.

a. book
b. covered in dust
c. The book under the table
d. under the table

3. Which of the statements below is the best example of making a connection to the speaker’s experience in the poem “Wishing Well”?

a. After we moved to our new house, I didn’t sleep for three days. I felt just as frustrated as the speaker in the poem.

b. I read two of the author’s other poems, so I am familiar with her writing style and the topics about which she writes.

c. I saw a wishing well at the mall near my house, so I am familiar with what those look like.

d. My problems don’t usually keep me up at night, and I don’t understand what the speaker is experiencing.

4. How do you know the poem “Wishing Well” is written in free verse?

a. The poem does not contain any rhyme.
b. The poem is written in first person.
c. The stanzas do not all have the same number of lines.
d. The words are grouped as they might be in a conversation.

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