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Mrs Olive gave her 4 children a sack of candy to share. Mark ate 1/2 of the candy in the sack and passed the sack to Rachel. Rachel ate 1/3 of the remaining candy and passed the sack to Fred. Fred then ate 1/4 of the candy that remained and passed the sack to Britany. Britany ate the last 12 pieces of candy. How many pieces of candy did Mark eat?

  • math -

    original amount = x
    mark ate x/2, leaving x/2
    Rachel ate 1/3(x/2) = x/6, leaving x/3
    Fred ate 1/4(x/3) = x/12, leaving x/4
    Britany ate 12 = x/4
    so, x=48

    Mark ate 24, left 24
    Rachel ate 8, left 16
    Fred ate 4, left 12
    Britany: 12

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