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Could someone give me an example or guidelines to complete the following paper?

Diane Nelson is a 49 year old, Native American female. She is currently being treated for hypertension, hypothyroidism and elevated LDL cholesterol levels. She has a family history of hypertension (maternal), coronary artery disease (maternal and paternal) and diabetes mellitus (paternal). At this time she is medications for hypertension; Hydroclorot (25mg daily) and Enalapril (5mg daily) and Levothyoxine (25mg daily) for hypothyroidism. She is not currently taking any medication for cholesterol.
Diane’s current weight is 200 lbs. her IBM is 145 lbs. Height: 5’5’, blood pressure: 140/95, HR: 85 bpm, LDL levels: 190 mg/dL.
In considering family history and current data, Diane will need to change her diet to help lower LDL levels, lose weight, control blood pressure and prevent damage to her heart. Diane’s 24hr diet recall is as follows:
12oz coffee w/sugar (1 tsp)
1 sausage/egg/cheese sandwich
6oz fruit yogurt
16oz bottled water
1 cup tossed green salad w/ 3 tbsp ranch dressing
1/3 cup fresh sliced pineapple
1 med. Banana
1 french dip sandwich (1/4 cup roast beef. I slice chedder cheese)
½ cup beef au ju
½ cup French fries
12oz sprite soda

a. Create a nutritional care plan for your client. This will include an
evaluation of nutritional risk, a list of interventions, and a list of expected
b. List the goals of medical nutrition therapy for your patient and suggest an
appropriate diet. Does your patient/client require a dietary modification of
their regular diet? Are enteral feedings by tube necessary? If so, what
formula will you use and why? Describe your recommended method of
c. Describe your nutrition education teaching session with your patient
and/or their family. What teaching methods will you use (explanation,
discussion, demonstration, handouts, etc.)? In your own words, write a
paragraph detailing three specific points that you will need to teach your
patient about his/her new diet. In addition, give at least one tip to avoid
potential herb/nutrient/drug interactions.

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