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Points A and B are separated by a lake. To find the distance between them, a surveyor locates a point C on
land such that ÐCAB = 48.8°. He also measures CA as 318 ft and CB as 523 ft. Find the distance between A
and B. Please round the answer to the nearest tenth.
..pls help me this..

  • tri -

    I assume you made the correct diagram.
    First let's find angle B

    sinB/318 = sin48.8/523
    sinB = 318sin48.8/523

    once you have angle B, we can find angle C
    then using the sine law again

    AB/sinC = 523/sin48.8
    AB = 523sinC /sin48.5

    I will leave the button pushing up to you

    (I got 674.5)

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