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For the reaction shown, calculate how many moles of NO2 form when each amount of reactant completely reacts. 2N2O5g = 4NO2g+O2g

I am assuming that the first question must be converted to grams and the second question must be converted to kilograms

I just need to know how to convert I guess to grams and kilograms to get the answer. And then I am not to sure I am even asking the right questions. But the way I am presenting the questions to you is how it was presented to me. Actually the first two question was 1.6 moles and 6.2 moles N205 and that was easy but the last two question that I am asking you for help with is different instead of moles its grams and kilo grams.

Please help it will be most appreciated.

11.0 g N2O5
1.70 kg N205

  • Chemistry/stoichiometry -

    You always work in mols with stoichiometry problems (actually there is one type problem that you don't need to convert to mols but converting to mols will always work).
    mol = grams/molar mass
    If in kg, then kg x 1000 = g, then mols = g/molar mass.

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