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Homework Help: english

Posted by Minnie on Friday, October 26, 2012 at 1:30pm.

Are my solutions right??

1. "There's someone knocking at the door! Who can it be at this time of night?" "___ Helen. She said she might come round to watch the midnight movie on TV."
A: That's going to be; B: That'll be; C: It's due to be.

I choose A and B

2."I've just received some new sales figures. ___ them very much, I'm afraid."
A: You're not going to like; B: You won't like; C: You're not liking

I choose B

3. Over the next six months, the company __ ten new supermarkets in France.
A: is going to open; B: will be opening; is opening

I choose A, B and C

4. ___ with this kind of problem before, I expect, so I'll leave you to get on with it.
A: You are going to deal; B: You are dealing; C: You'll have dealt

I choose B and C

5. According to sources close to the prime minister's office, the foreign minister ____.
A: is in the point of resigning; B: is due to resign; C: is about to resign

I choose B and C

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