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a closed gas cylinder contains 0.500 mole h2, 0.300 mole o2, 1.200 mole co2 at a temperature of 25'c and presure of 2.00 atm
1) calculate the volume of the cylinder
2) calculatethe partial pressure of the cylinder if the volime is decreased to 25% of its original value at consistant tempurature

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    1) Use PV = nRT. You have P, R, T (must be in kelvin) with total n = 0.500+0.300+1.200 = ? Solve for V in L.

    2) You meant constant T I assume (instead of consistent T). Multiply V in part 1 by 0.25 and use PV = nRT again. This time V is the new number (multiplied by 0.25), solve for P in atm, n, R, and T are the same as in part 1.

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