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Physics to be solved

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The block in the figure below lies on a horizontal frictionless surface and is attached to the free end of the spring, with a spring constant of 55 N/m. Initially, the spring is at its relaxed length and the block is stationary at position x = 0. Then an applied force with a constant magnitude of 2.7 N pulls the block in the positive direction of the x axis, stretching the spring until the block stops. Assume that the stopping point is reached. (a) What is the position of the block? m (b) What is the work that has been done on the block by the applied force? J (c) What is the work that has been done on the block by the spring force? J During the block's displacement, find the following values. (d) The block's position when its kinetic energy is maximum. m (e) The value of that maximum kinetic energy. mJ

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