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college algebra

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y=3x/x^2 + 81

for the given equation, list the intercepts and test for symmetry.

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    You have posted many times, and by now you should know that you will NEED brackets for equations like this to establish the proper order of operation.
    I am sure you meant to type:
    y = 3x/(x^2 + 81)

    when x = 0, y = 0/81 = 0, so the origin is both a y and x intercept

    subbing in a positive x will yield a positive y
    subbing in a negative x will yield a negative y
    but the absolute value will be the same

    also , notice that f(-x) = -f(x)
    e.g. x = 1, then y = 3/82
    if x = -1 , y = -3/81

    so there is a reflection in the origin.

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    The height h(t), in feet, of an airborne tee shirt t seconds after being launched can be approximated by h(t) = - 15t^2+10, 0-<t-<. Find the times when the tee shirt will reach a fan 190 feet above ground level. The tee shirt will reach the fan at how many seconds?

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