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12th grade physics ap question.

A baseball with a mass of 120 g is hit 21.8 m into the air. The ball is caught by the third baseman 2.5 m above the ground. What potential energy did the ball develop at its highest point? How much potential energy did it still have when it was caught? What kinetic energy did it have when it was caught? At what velocity did it strike the player's mitt?

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    PEhightest: mgh
    PE at catch: mgh
    For the last two, you have to know more, like the angle it was hit at. Lets assume then it had no horizontal velocity, so all KE was vertical velocity. KE caught then is the difference between PE hightest and PE caught mg(21.8-2.5)
    Velocity with this same assumption 1/2 m v^2=KEat impact

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    okay that makes sense thanks.

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