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From a boat on the lake, the angle of elevation to the top of a cliff is 26°35'. If the base of the cliff is 85 feet from the boat, how high is the cliff (to the nearest foot)?
A. 56 feet

B. 43 feet

C. 53 feet

D. 46 feet

I HAVE BEEN WORKING ON THIS FOREVER! please help me :( i don't know what i am doing wrong and none of my answers are any of these.

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    Working forever?
    takes about 30 seconds

    make a sketch, let the height be h
    tan 26° 35' = h/85
    h = 85 tan 26.58333..° = 42.5339 ft
    or according to the choices given, 43 feet

    26° 35' = 26 + 35/60 = 26.583333..

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