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A 59.1 N/m spring is unstretched next to the 90 degree angle of an incline, and the system is released from rest. The mass of the block on the incline is m1 = 21.4 kg. (Neglect the mass of the pulley).
If the coefficient of kinetic friction between m1 (the one sliding down the incline) and the incline is 0.277, then how fast (in m/s) are the blocks moving when m1 has slid 0.751 m parallel to the incline and m2(=5.00 kg) block has gained 0.751 m in elevation being, being attached the the pulley and the spring)?
You must use energy considerations to solve this problem, unless you're willing to use calculus.
Thank you in advance! I have no idea how to get this problem!

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