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#1. (3x^3-4x^2-3x+4)/(x^3-5x)

my answers:
y-int: NONE
x-int: 1, -1, and 4/3
x asymtope: x= 0 and +- square root of 5
y asym: y=3

If it crosses horiz asym: idk i need help on this

#2. (x^4-7x^2+12)/(x^2-5x+4)

x-int: -2, 2, and +- square root of 3
y-int: 3
x-asy: x= 4 and 1
y asym: y=-7/4x^2

I cant find if/where it intersects the horiz asym

y-int: (0,5/3)
x-int: 0 and +- square root of 5
xasym: x= 0 and +- square root of 3

I cant find the y asym or where it intersects

#4 (1-x)/(x^3-2x^2+x-2)
x asym: x=2
x-int: 1,0
y int: (0, -1)
yasym: y=0

once again i cant find where it intersects

Thankyou soooo much!! i know its longgg....

  • Precalc - ,

    take a visit to

    and you can play around with graphing functions. It should help a lot, especially as you review what you already (maybe) know.

    You can also use for a "big picture" plot, without having to worry about domain and range. Just type in the function in the box, and it will plot it, as well as show other interesting related info.

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