April 20, 2014

Homework Help: check my precalc

Posted by Rebekah on Monday, October 22, 2012 at 7:32pm.

#1. (3x^3-4x^2-3x+4)/(x^3-5x)

my answers:
y-int: NONE
x-int: 1, -1, and 4/3
x asymtope: x= 0 and +- square root of 5
y asym: y=3

If it crosses horiz asym: idk i need help on this

#2. (x^4-7x^2+12)/(x^2-5x+4)

x-int: -2, 2, and +- square root of 3
y-int: 3
x-asy: x= 4 and 1
y asym: y=-7/4x^2

I cant find if/where it intersects the horiz asym

y-int: (0,5/3)
x-int: 0 and +- square root of 5
xasym: x= 0 and +- square root of 3

I cant find the y asym or where it intersects

#4 (1-x)/(x^3-2x^2+x-2)
x asym: x=2
x-int: 1,0
y int: (0, -1)
yasym: y=0

once again i cant find where it intersects

Thankyou soooo much!! i know its longgg....

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