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Homework Help: chemistry 20 MC questions

Posted by memo on Monday, October 22, 2012 at 3:20pm.

1- The equipment needed to carry out a titration is:

hot plate, pipet, and filter paper
heat source, test tube, and filter paper
heat source, pipet, and burette
erlenmeyer flask, pipet, and burette

2- A student correctly predicted that 10.0 g of a precipitate would form when two aqueous solutions were reacted. When the solid was filtered and weighed, only 8.0 g of solid had been collected. A cause for the discrepancy is that
Question 12 options:

the student forgot to subtract the mass of the filter paper
some precipitate went through the filter paper or funnel
the sample was still wet when weighed
the student did the reaction at STP instead of SATP

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