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1. Because there was a reawakening of interest in art, literature, and science between 1300 and 1600, it is fitting to call this period the Renaissance, since it means _____. (1 point)learning
"out with the old"

2. During the Middle Ages, why was life in northern Italy different from life in the rest of Europe?
(1 point)Italians were threatened by Muslim invaders.

Italians were not as closely controlled by nobles or the Church.

Italians were controlled by popes and kings.

Italians were more threatened by war and disease.

3. During the Renaissance, churches that grew out of protests against the power abuses of the Roman Catholic Church were called (1 point)Modern Churches.
Protestant Churches.

4. What was the name of the system of church courts that used secret testimony and torture to root out heresy and force non-Catholics to convert to Catholicism? (1 point)the Catholic Courts
the Jesuits
the Inquisition
the Reform System

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