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The initials "L.S." at the end of a document mean?

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    Appraise the following separate and independent situations.

    Question 1
    (a) ​Phing, the 17-year-old daughter of a wealthy businessman is currently studying at a University College at Kelana Jaya.

    (i) Last January she bought a luxury car, Audi R8, worth RM 900, 000. The car has now been delivered but she is unable to pay for it.​
    ​ ​
    ​(ii) ​Last month she bought a car called Myvi worth RM40,000 to be used as a ​transport to travel back and forth from the college.​
    ​​ ​
    ​(iii) ​She took a state loan of RM20,000 for her studies in the college.​​ (30 marks)

    (b) ​Johnny is an old man. He has two children, Joe and Victoria. Johnny has informed everyone that when he dies, the property is to be shared equally among Joe and Victoria. He stays with Victoria and is totally dependent on her to look after him. Johnny loves Victoria and does whatever she tells him to do.

    Two months ago, Johnny transferred all his property to Victoria. He passed away a few days ago. Joe claims that the contract is voidable. Discuss.
    ​ (20 marks)
    [Total: 50 marks]
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