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Question regarding career options

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I have a few questions about my possible future!

I plan on majoring in sports medicine and nutrition. Id also like to obtain my personal training degree while in college. I plan on one day also having my own gym franchise or business. As you can see, I LOVE fitness:)

Would these be smart career options? Im a bit scared.

  • Question regarding career options -

    How many years must you take to major in sports medicine?

  • Question regarding career options -

    I assume you're in 9th or 10th grade. Take all of the physiology, biology, and phys ed courses you can. By about your junior year in college, you may have narrowed your goals to something more specific.

    I have doubts about the need for more gym franchises in the future, but nobody can predict. By concentrating on the health care field, you'll keep your options open.

    As you can see from this site, sports medicine professionals range from trainers to M.D.s. The least amount of education would be a bachelor's degree (4 years of college).

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