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Chemistry Enthalpy Calculations?
Given the equation:
CaO + H2O ----> Ca(OH)2

A 1 g sample of CaO is dissolved in 100 ml water with density 1.00g/ml. The temperature rise is 3.7 degrees C. The specific heat is 4.00 J/g*deg.

1. Calculate the heat (in J) absorbed/given off by the surroundings when 1 g of CaO is dissolved.
2. Calculate the heat (in kJ) absorbed/given off by the surroundings when 1 mol of CaO is dissolved.
3. What is the molar enthalpy (delta H) for the reaction?

I think I did all my calculations wrong. I got my answers as follows: 1. 1480 J, 2. don't know, 3. 830 kJ/mol

Help please!!!

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