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A 0.395-kg blue bead slides on a frictionless, curved wire, starting from rest at point in the figure below, where h = 1.50 m. At point , the blue bead collides elastically with a 0.650-kg green bead at rest. Find the maximum height the green bead rises as it moves up the wire.

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    m1=0.395 kg, h=1.5 m, m2= 0.65 kg, H=?
    m1•g•h=m1•v ²/2
    v =sqrt(2•g•h)=sqrt(2•9.8•1.5)=5.4 m/s
    m1•v = m1•v1+m2•v2
    For the case of elastic collision
    v2=2 •m1•v/(m1+m2)= =2•0.395•5.4/(0.395+0.65) =2.67 m/s
    m2•v2 ²/2= m2•g•H
    H= v2 ²/2•g=2.67²/2•9.8=0.36 m

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