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In determing the simplest formula of lead sulfide, 2.46 grams of of lead are placed in a crucible with 2.00 grams of sulfur. when the reaction is complete, the product has a mass of 3.22 grams. What mass of sulfur should be used in the simplest formula calculation? Find the simplest formula of lead sulfide

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    mass Pb = 2.46g.
    mass S = 3.22-2.46 = ?

    Convert 2.46g to mols. mol = g/atomic mass
    mols S = (3.22-2.46)/atomic mass S.

    Now find the ratio of the elements to each other to determine the empirical formula.

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    Now mols Pb = grams/atomic massPb
    mols S = grams/atomic mass S

    Then find ratio of the elements to each other.

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