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The following arguments contain various kinds of fallacies. Evaluate each and identify the fallacy using the matching list at bottom.

1. We can recognize that athletes who participate in sports must be given special consideration in our grading system, or we can let the university sink into athletic oblivion.

2. Despite endless efforts, no one has been able to prove that Santa Clause exists; we may as well stop trying and accept the truth: there is no Santa Clause.

3. Alicia started gaining more weight than ever when she started taking Slimdown; the stuff must be fattening!

4. No sensible person would support the Equal Rights Amendment. If it were to pass, we would have women in combat and unisex bathrooms. Eventually, we would not be able to tell women from men!

5. So what if I didn't claim all of the money I earned on my taxes? Lots of people underreport their income.

Choices (choice is used only once)
a. False Analogy
b. Appeal to Authority
c. Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc
d. Attacking the Person
e. Two Wrongs
f. Non Sequitur
g. Equivocation
h. False Dilemma
i. Black and White (Slippery Slope)
j. Hasty Generalization
k. Contrary-to-Fact Hypothesis
l. Ad Ignorantium
m. Appeal to Emotion

My answers:
1. h.
2. L.
3. c.
4. I.
5. E.

Can you please check my answers, I get confused on these and am not 100% sure.

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