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Posted by Debbie on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 at 6:02pm.

PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME WITH THIS DARN QUIZ. I'm so lost and all my teachers are too 'BUSY' to help me. :/ I'm getting so sick and tired of studying and not getting it but then having to take the blame for my instructor's folly.

2. Which of the following is a requirement that units in a correct formula or equation must always satisfy?
(Points : 1)
Each unit in the formula, expressed in SI base units, must be the same.

The units on both sides of the equals sign, expressed in SI base units, must be the same.

All units must be units only of mass, length, or time.

All masses must be in kilograms, all lengths in meters, and all times in seconds.

3. Momentum is a physical quantity calculated by multiplying mass by velocity (mv). Which of the following are equivalent units of momentum? Consult a table of units if you do not know, for example, what J is in base units. You may refer to the SI Derived Units chart on page 235 of Physics: Problems and Solutions to answer this question.
(Points : 1)




4. A quantity called the impulse is the average force, in newtons, multiplied by the time the force is acting. Which of the following is a unit of impulse?
(Points : 1)




5. The electric field times the electric charge of a particle gives the electric force acting on the particle. The charge has units of coulombs (C) and the force is expressed in newtons (N). Suppose you are solving a physics problem in which you calculate an electric field. Which of these is a unit that your answer might have?
(Points : 1)




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