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physics need help please

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There are 7 charges, each with q = -5 nC distributed on a circle with radius R=3cm. The center of the circle is at the origin. The charges are at angles 0o, 45o, 90o, 135o, 180o, -90o, and -45o. (Note: A charge at -135o is missing.) a) What is the net electric field at the origin? b) Calculate the electric potential at the origin with respect to infinity.

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    The field in the center due to one point charge which has no opposite charge is
    E=kq/r² = 9•10⁹•5•10⁻⁹/0.03²=5•10⁴ V/m
    φ=7• kq/r = 7•9•10⁹•(-5•10⁻⁹)/0.03 =-1.05•10⁴ V

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