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Lenin advocated a modified form of Marxism because

A.Russia had little in the way of industry
B.He had some latent Capitalist inclinations
C.Russia had been so financially devastated by WWI that there was no capital to redistribute


Britain's interest in WWI was initially tied to its desire to

A.Protect the Suez Canal
B.Expand its colonial holdings
C.Support its Russian allies


How did the alliance system contribute to WWI?

A.It isolated the Austro-Hungarian empire
B.It divided Europe into two opposing, armed camps
C.It threw Africa into disarray


The "Boxers" of the Boxer Rebellion

A.were reacting the "Open Door" policy forced upon China by colonial powers
targeted foreigners
B.were stopped by an army comprised of forces from Great Britian, France, Germany, Russia, Japan and the United States
C.were a patriotic movement whose proper name was the Society of Righteous and Harmoniuous Fists
D.All of the above
E.None of the above
F.A and C are correct


The Enlightenment can best be described as

A.The rediscovery of lost classical texts
B.A new way of thinking that emphasized reason over tradition
C.An artistic movement


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