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Ann, a 66.1 kg person throws a 0.0460 kg snowball forward with a ground speed of 31.7 m/s. Billy, with a mass of 60.5 kg, catches the snowball. Both people are on skates. Ann is initially moving forward with a speed of 2.29 m/s, and Billy is initially at rest. After the snowball is exchanged (a) What is Ann’s velocity? (b) What is Billy’s velocity? Disregard friction between the skates and the ice.

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    m1=66.1 kg, v1=2.29 m/s
    m2=0.046 kg, v2= 31.7 m/s
    m3=60.5 kg, v3=0
    u1=? u3=?

    The law of conservation of linear momentum
    (m1+m2) •v1 =m1•u1 +m2•v2
    u1= [(m1+m2) •v1- m2•v2]/m1 =
    =[(66.1+0.046) •2.29 – 0.046•31.7]/66.1 = 2.269 m/s
    m2•v2=(m2+m3) •u3
    u3= m2•v2/(m2+m3) =
    =0.046•31.7/(0.046+60.5)=0.024 m/s

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    I got the correct answer for the thrower, but for the catcher to find the second velocity, I follow the formula but it still counts it as wrong. What could I be doing wrong?

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