March 4, 2015

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Posted by Misty on Monday, October 15, 2012 at 11:19pm.

I need to find the critical value of what I have here so far, and I am stuck can someone please help ASAP ?

Percent of children depressed: 4.3%
1250= n
4.3/100= s/1250
53.75= sample mean
n=sample size
After, mid 2010:
Percent of children depressed: 5%
100= n
5/100= s/100
5= sample mean
n= sample size
Null hypothesis: p= 0.043
Alternative hypothesis: p> 0.043
q= 1-p= 1- .05= .95
z= (.05-.043)/ sq rt(.043*.95/1250)
z= 1.224

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