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A school planned to buy x calculators for a total cost of Ksh 16200. The supplier agreed to offer a discount of Ksh 60 per calculator. The school was the able to get three extra calculators for the same amount of money.
(a) Write an expression in terms of x, for the:
(i) Original price of each calculator;
(ii) Price of each calculator after the discount.

(b) Form an equation in x and hence determine the number of calculators the school bought.

(c) Calculate the offered to the school as a percentage.

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    If the price is p, and the discounted price is q

    p = 16200/x
    q = p-60 = 16200/x - 60

    px = 16200
    (p-60)(x+3) = 16200
    (16200/x - 60)(x+3) = 16200
    x = 27
    so, p=600

    27 @ 600 = 16200
    30 @ 540 = 16200

    60 discount is 10%

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