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The complete combustion of 1.283g of cinnamaldeyde (C9H8O, one of the compounds in cinnamon) in a bomb calorimeter (Ccalorimeter=3.841 kJ/C) produced an increase in temperature of 130.32 C. Calculate the molar enthalpy of combustion of cinnamaldehydy (delta H comb) (in kilojoules per mole on cinnamaldehyde)

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    heat released = q = Ccal x (delta T) and I would work in J again everywhere.
    Then q/gram = q/1.283 = x
    Convert to J/mol by x*molar mass and that needs to be conert to kJ/mol because of the directions in the problem.

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    q/1.283 = 3841(130.32)

    I know you have to divide by the molar mass which I found to be 132.169 but Im not sure which number I divide it by.

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    No, when you have q/1.283 you have q/gram. Multiply by molar mass for q/mol, then convert to kJ/mol.

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