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Cl2O2 (g)---> 2ClO (g)

Time [Cl2O2] (M)
0....... 6.60*10^-8
172..... 5.68*10^-8
345..... 4.89*10^-8
517..... 4.21*10^-8
690..... 3.62*10^-8
862..... 3.12*10^-8

Determine the value of the first-order rate constant.

For this question, you need to graph it on excel in order to find k. In any case y=mx+b is the equation you would need to look at to find k (m=k). I am doing this for every question that requires it, but cant seem to get the right answer. I tried everything I can, but still don't know what I'm doing wrong.

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    nevermind, I got it. I must have been putting the numbers in wrong or something. :)

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