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Algebra inequality

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I have to choose a variable and write inequality
For less than or equal to I'm using these keys <|
Cuz I don't Jon how to show when I type

1. A van can hold a maximum of 8 passengers
I wrote V <| 8
V is less than or equal to 8

2. To apply for a job you need to type at least 80 words a minute
I wrote.
t <| 80
T is less than or equal to 80

Are these right?

  • Algebra inequality - ,

    most folks use <= or >=, not <| or >|

    #1 is correct,
    #2 should be t >= 80 where t = typing speed

    "at least" means "greater than or equal to". It's a minimum value.

    "at most" gives a maximum value, as in #1 above.

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