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1.In one dimensional motion, instantaneous speed v satisfies
0 ≤ v < v0.
(a) The displacement in time T must always take non-negative
(b) The displacement x in time T satisfies – vo T < x < vo T.
(c) The acceleration is always a non-negative number.
(d) The motion has no turning points (choose the correct option and also explain how to solve)

2.The displacement of a particle is given by x = (t – 2)2 where x is in
metres and t in seconds. The distance covered by the particle in
first 4 seconds is
(a) 4 m
(b) 8 m
(c) 12 m
(d) 16 m (choose the correct option and also please explain how to solve)

3.At a metro station, a girl walks up a stationary escalator in time t1.
If she remains stationary on the escalator, then the escalator takeher up in time t2. The time taken by her to walk up on the moving
escalator will be
(a) (t1 + t2)/2
(b) t1t2/(t2–t1)
(c) t1t2/(t2+t1)
(d) t1–t2 (choose the correct option and also explain how to solve)

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    1. Since 0 ≤ v < v0 , this is decelerated motion.
    (d) The motion has no turning points .

    2. x=(t-2)2=2t-4 = 2•4 – 4 =4m
    (a) 4 m

    3. v(girl)=s/t1
    t=s/(v1+v2) = t1•t2/(t1+t2)

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    thanks good one just in time once again thank you for such ugly easy answer you slime

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