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There are three pieces of rope with the lengths 15 1/3feet, 20 1/2 feet, and 30 3/4 feet.
A) how many yards in all?

B) If thery were all cut into 3 feet pieces how many would you get and how did you determine this answer
C) How much rope is left? How was that determined

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    I di try and answer them on my own and got A) 22 7/36 yards of rope.
    B) 22 pieces
    C) 7/12 of the rope was left.
    Please help, are these correct?
    If not can you explain and help me understand the question. Thanks

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    a) correct
    from the 15 1/3 ft piece we can cut 5 pieces of 3 ft, leaving 1/3 ft
    from the 20 1/2 ft piece we can cut 6 pieces of 3 ft, leaving 2 1/2 ft
    from the 30 3/4 ft piece we can cut 10 pieces of 3 ft leaving 3/4 ft
    so we can cut 5+6+10 or 21 pieces of 3 ft each

    c) amount left over:
    1/3 + 2 1/2 + 3/4
    = 3 7/12 ft

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    for partB) since for each part that was left was more than 3 feet as you see in part C won't that be added as one more foot making the answer to B) 22 pieces
    and part C) 7/12 left?

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    I read the question to mean that you want complete 3 ft sections, not pieces that have been tied together to make 3 ft.
    from a piece of 20 1/4 ft, I can only get 6 sections of 3 ft, even though a big piece would be left over.

    Let's agree it is a poorly worded question.

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