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newton's law

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A block of mass M is projected up a frictionless inclined plane with a speed VO. The angle of incline is given as theta.
a. How far up the plane does it go?
b. How much time does it take to get there?
I was stuck after Fg(cos(theta+90)= Ma_x
gcos(90+theta)/M = a_x
can someone please help me

  • newton's law - ,

    kinetic energy at bottom = (1/2) M Vo^2
    = potential energy at to when it stops
    = m g h = M g (x sin theta)
    (1/2) M Vo^2 = M g x sin thets

    x = Vo^2/(2 g sin theta)

    average speed = Vo/2

    time = distance/average speed

    = Vo^2/(2 g sin theta)] / [ Vo/2)]

    = Vo/(g sin theta)

  • newton's law - ,

    thanks but my instrutor don't want me to use energy to solve the problem since we havnt learn it yet, can you do it using newton's law?

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