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A 747 jetliner lands and begins to slow to a stop as it moves along the runway. If its mass is 3.50 x 105 kg, its speed is 27.0 m/s, and the net braking force is 4.73 x 105 N. (a) What is its speed 7.50 s later? (b) How far has it traveled in this time?

(a) Its speed 7.50 s later is _______m/s
(b) Its distance traveled is _________ m

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    a= F/m=4.73•10⁵/3.5•10⁵ =1.35 m/s²
    (a) v=v₀-at=27 - 1.35•7.5 =16.9 m/s.
    (b) s= v₀•t-at²/2 = …

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