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slope and y intercept form of these two problems?



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    For the second one I have this but I'm not sure what to do next

    Add 4x to both sides, so you would have 2y+6a=4x

    Then I divided 2y by 2 and 4x by 2 and got y+6a=4x

    Next I subtracted 6a from both sides and got y=2x-6a

    Am I right so far? If so what do I do next?

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    2y + 6a - 4x = 0
    you want to "isolate" the y, so everybody else to the other side
    2y = 4x - 6a
    divide each term by 2 , (you only divided one term and not the others)
    y = 2x - 3a

    the 1st:

    y - 5 = (1/3)(x-9)
    y = (1/3)x - 3 + 5
    y = (1/3)x + 2

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