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Mathematically determine the resultant force if two forces A and B act on an object. Force A is 85N and is at an angle of 20• to the horizontal. Force B is 125N and is at an angle of 60• to the horizontal.

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    F(A)x =F(A) •cos20°
    F(A)y= F(A) •sin20°
    F(B)x =F(B) •cos80°
    F(B)y= F(B) •sin60°
    Fx=F(A)x+F(B)x = F(A) •cos20°+F(B) •cos80° = 85 •cos20°+125 •cos80°=…
    Fy=F(A)y+F(B)y = F(A) •sin20°+F(B) •sin80°=85 •sin20°+125 •sin80°=...
    F=sqrt(Fx²+Fy²) =...

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