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Chem- Percent Yield

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When HgO is heated, it decomposes into elemental mercury and diatomic oxygen gas. If 42.9 g of Hg is obtained from 70.1 g of the mercuric oxide, what is the percent yield of the reaction?

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    2HgO ==> 2Hg + O2
    mol HgO = 70.1g/molar mass HgO = ?
    Use the coefficients to convert mols HgO to mols Hg. The ratio is 2:2 which is 1:1; therefore, mols HgO = mols Hg.
    Convert mols Hg to grams. g = mols x atomic mass. This is the theoretical yield (TY). The actual yeld (AY) = 42.9.
    %yield = (AY/TY)*100 = ?

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