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Homework Help: 7th grade social studies help quick please

Posted by Anonymous on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 at 8:23pm.

Who invented the caravel, or the first ship to be able to sail against the wind? (1 point)

the Portuguese
the Spanish
the French
The Vikings

What was the first country to secure a trade route to Asia around the Cape of Good Hope? (1 point)


The Spanish are not only credited with being some of the first to reach the Americas, but also as the first country to sail around the world. Another word that means "to sail around the world" is (1 point)

to rotate.
to circumnavigate.
to panexplore.
to reform.


What was one reason Portugal led Europeís exploration of the world?
(1 point)

Portugal controlled European trade with Asia.

Portugal supported Magellanís trip around the world.

Prince Henry opened a school for mapmakers, shipbuilders, and navigators.

Prince Henry was the first person to explore Cape Bojador.

Are they correct? Thanks.
1. the Portuguese
2. Portugal
3. to circumnavigate.
4. Portugal controlled European trade with Asia.

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