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General Chemistry

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find [H3O+] and [OH-]
1)a solution that is 5.8×10−2 M in [HBr] and 1.9×10−2M in [NO3].

2)a solution that is 0.780% HNO3 by mass (Assume a density of 1.01 g/mL for the solution.)

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    (H^+) HBr soln = (HBr)
    To find OH, remember (H^+)(OH^-) = Kw = 1E-14

    0.780% by mass means 0.78g/100 g soln.
    Use density to convert 100 g soln to mL. Convert 0.78 g to mols. That will give you molarity and you can go from there.

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