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Calculus II

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A spherical tank with radius of 5 feet is set on a coloumn 15 feet above the ground. How much work is required to fill the tank with water if the solution is pumped from ground level?

  • Calculus II -

    Let the center of the tank be at (0,0)

    when the water level is at y, the radius of the water surface is

    r^2 = 25-y^2

    Work is ∫F(y) dy

    F(y) is the weight of the water. So, since each slice of water in the tank is raised 21+y feet, and water weighs 62.4 lbs/ft^3,

    W(y) = ∫[-5,5] 62.4 π (25-y^2) (21+y) dy
    = 218400π

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