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The combustion of 0.0222g of isooctane vapor, C8H18(g), at constant pressure raises the temperature of a calorimeter 0.400 degrees C. The heat capacity of the calorimeter and water combined is 2.48kJ/degrees C. Find the molar heat of combustion of gaseous isooctane.

The balanced cchemical equation is:
C8H18(g)+12(1/2)O2(g) -> 8CO2(g)+9H2O(l)

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    q = 2480 J/C x 0.400 C = ?
    q/gram = q/0.0222
    q/mol = q/g x molar mass = 9q/0.0222) x molar mass

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    I got the answer 5,110 kJ/mol. But the answer is supossed to be negative. Why should it be negative?

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    Because it's an exothermic reaction. dHrxn = - (q/0.0222) x molar mass

    The water T was raised which means it absorbed heat; therefore, the heat had to come from the reaction and that makes it exotherrmic.

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