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Physics- Elena please help!

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A 2300. kg car starts from rest and accelerates uniformly to 24.0 m/s in 24.0 s. Assume that air resistance remains constant at 510 N during this time. Find (a) the net force on the car
b) the average power developed by the engine?
c) the instantaneous power output of the engine at t = 24.0 s, just before the car stops accelerating.

  • Physics- Elena please help! -

    a=v/t =24/24=1 m/s²
    F= ma+F(res) =2300•1+510=2810 N
    inst P =F•v=2810•24=67440Watt
    aveP=F• (v+v₀)/2=2810•24/2=33720 Watt

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