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Physics Circular motion

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A car starts from rest on a curve with a radius of 110m and accelerates at 1.2m/s^2. Through what angle will the car have traveled when the magnitude of its total acceleration is 2.1 m/s^2?

I thought i got the answer which was 0.75 rad or 43 degrees but it says its the wrong answer or the rounding is wrong. Please help!!!

Steps please.

  • Physics Circular motion -

    tangential acceleration is a(τ)= 1.2 m/s²
    normal acceleration is a(n) = ω²R,
    whwre ω is the angular velocity.
    a=2.2 m/s²
    a² = a(τ)²+ a(n)² = a(τ)²+ (ω²•R)²
    ω⁴ = { a²-a(τ)²)/R² =(2.1²-1.2²)/110² = 2.45•10⁻⁴
    ω=0.125 rad/s
    The angular acceleration is
    ε= a(τ)/R = 1.2/110 = 0.011 rad/s²
    ω=ε•t => t=ω/ε
    φ = ε•t²/2 = ε•ω²/2•ε²=ω²/2•ε =
    =0.125²/2•0.011 = 0.71 rad.

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