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The angle of elevation of the top of a flagpole from a point on the level ground is 30degrees. From another point on the ground 20m, nearer the pole the angle of elevation is 60degrees. Calculate the height of the pole?

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    1) y2+6y+9-4y2 its standard form.
    its degree.
    2) expand using identity (5b-1/2)2(square)
    3) find the product of 3/2xyz(4/9x2(square)y2-2xy)

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    if the nearer point is at distance x from a pole of height h,

    h/x = tan 60°
    h/(x+20) = tan 30°

    substituting the first into the second,

    h = (h/tan60° + 20)tan30°
    h = (h/√3 + 20)(1/√3)
    h = 10(3+√3) = 47.32m

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