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Integrate sinx+cosx/rootsin2x with respect to dx...plzz help me

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    assuming you mean

    ∫(sinx + cosx)/√sin2x dx

    I can think of one way: split into separate terms to get

    sinx/√sin2x + cosx/√sin2x

    sinx/√(2sinx cosx) + cosx/√(2sinx cosx)

    1/√2 (√tanx + √cotx)

    Now, I don't recall exactly the steps to integrate √tanx, but it's one of those classic problems that look simple but turn out to be quite complicated.

    Visit and type in

    integral √tan x

    to see what I mean

    Not sure what the point is to assigning such a problem. Maybe there's a typo in it here.

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